Realms of Fortune is a first person RPG set in a large procedurally generated world. It takes place in an era similar to our own age of discovery, but instead of sailing in ships across the ocean, adventurers use gatestones to explore a distant land full of magic, treasure, and ancient secrets.

Starting work on Realms of Fortune 2!
I've decided not to release any more updates for the current Windows or Android versions, and focus exclusively on the sequel. Unfortunately this means the Android version will not be getting the improved graphics and a few other features (such as move to SD). If you have some ideas or features you'd really like to see in the sequel, let me know.

"... an on-the-go pick-up-and-play RPG but with depth and gameplay to back it up"
- DimeDroidHQ.com (read the full review)

Platform Version Download Trial Register
1.2.2 8.8M
$2.95   $0.99
1.2.4 31.1M

Note: This video is taken from the Android version. The Windows version features some graphical enhancements such as a skybox, grass, and animated water. Video coming soon.

Here are features new in version 1.2:

  • Improved boss battles.
  • Improved graphics for weapons and spell effects.
  • Gain perks as you level up.
  • Explore new dungeon types.
  • Apply poisons to your blades.

Here are some of the features implemented since version 1.0:

  • A very large, randomly generated world full of lakes, hills, dungeons and more. Each game you play is a whole new adventure.
  • Dozens of unique creatures.
  • Real-time, first person combat and exploration.
  • A huge variety of upgradeable weapons and armor.
  • Firearms, including scoped weapons.
  • The ability to create potions from plants that you find.
  • Seamless world, even when going in and out of dungeons.
  • Swimming, diving, and underwater dungeons
  • Fishing and hunting.
  • An exciting main quest.

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